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Lottery Sambad 29-06-2020 Today Result

Lottery Sambad Today 8 PM Evening Result - June 29.06.2020

Lottery Sambad Winners Prize List

First Prize 1 Crore INR
 Cons. Prize 1000 INR per Ticket
 Second Prize 9000 INR  per Ticket
 Third Prize 500 INR  per Ticket
 Fourth Prize 250 INR  per Ticket
 Fifth Prize 120 INR  per Ticket

Lottery Sambad Result Timing

Morning Result         11:55 AM         
 Day Result    04:00 PM   
 Evening Result    08:00 PM   

08:00 PM Morning Lottery Games Name

Monday  Dear Eagle Evening
 Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
 Wednesday Dear Flamingo Evening
 Thursday Dear Hawk Evening
 Friday Dear Ostrich Evening
 Saturday Dear Gentle Evening
 Sunday Dear Falcon Evening

Name of The Lottery Agencies

 State Lottery Agency
Sikkim  Sikkim State Lotteries
 Nagaland  Nagaland State Lotteries
 West Bengal West Bengal State Lotteries
 Mizoram Mizoram State Lotteries
 Kerala Kerala State Lotteries
 Assam Assam State Lotteries

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